How To Have Friends With Benefits

Is there a future for friends with benefits?

Are you tired of dating and seeing relationships end, but just want a single relationship without strings where you can have girls or guys in your bed whenever you want? Well you can! It is called friends with benefits (FWB) or fuck buddy and it can get rid of a string of bad relationships if you really need it. While this kind of relationship may be simple and fun, sometimes, it does not go as planned. There are instances in life when one gets frustrated because things do not happen as they should be.

You can have friends with benefits who might be anyone, including your best friend, ex or even someone whom you recently met. But the main thing that should be considered is that it must remain platonic and nothing more than sex. Now those who would like to know how to have such form of relationship pay attention closely. Just like casual encounters have rules, so do casual relationships.

How do FWB Relationships work?

One of these relationships may be quite complicated while others are very easy. If what you want is a fuckbuddy-ship then the first thing to do is ensure that one is emotionally equipped before trying to make anything happen with any partner in bed that they like. You need to be capable of dealing with emotional complications. Both of you can get jealous or both get attached; however, both must understand that this is just about sex.

The next step would be defining “friend” and “benefits” clearly and making sure both parties are on the same page. More importantly, don’t start anything with someone you want more with them? That’s probably not going to happen, so why ruin your chances? You should also disclose all information about your sexual life explicitly. There must be mutual understanding on whether both individuals should ask about their sexual histories and learn what they prefer sexually among other things.

Knowing their boundaries when it comes to FWBs is crucial, they are your friends and so respect their boundaries. It would be reciprocated as well. Lastly, value friendship above anything else. They were just a friend before you added sex to the equation of your friendship, hence that factor should be considered prior to doing anything else. A good thing can never be worth a great friend.

What are the benefits of casual fuck buddy relationships?

If you want to know how to be in a friends with benefits type of relationship, consider the positives. Primarily, this type of relationship should not be pressurizing as one does not have to struggle with impressing anyone and is free to mingle with others. It is about sex only for enjoyment. There are no emotional attachments and no strings attached. Moreover, it gives you “you time” when you don’t have to go for clubs and bring random girls or guys home because your hook up line up is already free and easy. It won’t cost you anything since the relationship is not a must. In addition, both of you are just having sex so either of you does not have any emotional tethers which should thus make it easier letting go. These are merely some benefits that one can achieve from a friends with benefits kind of relationships.

What’s the worst that could happen?

Sometimes though, these relationships can get tedious because there are many factors involved but feelings for the other person tend to crop up more often than not. It was supposed to be sex, nothing more, but all of a sudden this can result into one person catching some feelings while the other party doesn’t feel anything at all like that. Every now and then these feelings develop into jealousy, although this isn’t allowed as it’s purely sex again. Lastly remember that they may not be available emotionally; it is just physical attention they want as well as satisfaction. Eventually therefore all these chains of emotions may end in heart break leading to low self-esteem since it might just mess with your head if they don’t feel the same way about you again’. Your mind could be changed through thinking that maybe you’re unworthy of their attention; mentally cut yourself down by destroying your own body which is what no one wants. That is why it would be better if such emotions were kept within oneself.

Friends with benefits and fuck buddies can become complex too. Additionally, not everyone just wants to hook up without any commitments. But if you want to give it a whirl, you now have some rules to follow and are ready to go with your own experience. Learn casual dating rules, browse some fuck buddy apps and get excited.